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#10D Dermaplaning Blades


#10D dermaplaning blade features:
  • Ideal shape for dermaplaning
  • Specialized honing for consistency
  • Stainless steel for strength and to retain its sharp edge
  • Polymer coating for ease in gliding over skin’s surface
  • Made in the USA.
This blade will remain sharp for 1 complete dermaplaning service, provided it’s used at a 45-degree angle. Higher blade angles will result in loss of sharpness with all blades.
(metal blade handle sold separately)

Not available to students or pending accounts

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Classic #10R Dermaplaning “Butter Blade”

Not available to students or pending accounts


Working with dermaplaning blades since 2005 has given us a lot of experience with the vast number of surgical and dermaplaning blades on the market. We’ve found that while there are some good blades being offered, each one had its limitations.

Meet the #10D dermaplaning blade.

The #10D features everything we wanted and everything our clients were asking for:
  • It is the ideal shape for safety, comfort, control, and maneuverability.
  • Features dermaplaning-specific custom honing for a smooth, stay-sharp edge.
  • Provides product consistency, reliability, and quality control.
  • It’s affordable and convenient since you only need one blade per client/treatment.

Custom designed specifically for DermaplanePro, the #10D dermaplaning blade is a modification of the #10S blade. We took the #10S shape that we love and honed it to our specifications for greater sharpness.* Fabricated from stainless steel for durability and polymer coated, these blades glide effortlessly on the skin. All of this comes together to create a blade that provides a consistent, high-quality result throughout one treatment. If you dermaplane at a 45-degree angle, your blade doesn’t lose its sharpness as quickly. You will no longer have to put on a fresh blade in the middle of a service nor go back to clean up where the previous blade was starting to dull.*

Whether you dermaplane dry or with oil (we recommend Nourishe Dermaplaning Oil), have been doing it for years or are just recently certified, you will love the award-winning #10D dermaplaning blade shape that regularly wins aestheticians’ choice in industry-led competitions. We offer #10D blades in packs of 25, 50, and 100. You can also sign up for auto-ship and have blades automatically sent to you at regular intervals for extra convenience.

*Always use dermaplaning blades at a 45-degree angle for maximum efficacy. Higher blade angles will result in a loss of sharpness.

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39 reviews for #10D Dermaplaning Blades

  1. lunarsamantha (verified owner)

    I prefer the 10D blade over the 10R. This one feels smoother across the skin and gets ALL the hairs nicely removed. Best blade yet.

  2. Erika Ellis (verified owner)

    Designed for excellence in dermaplaning! 10D is THE Dermaplane Blade all trained professionals should be using on clients and patients. Remarkable difference reported by my clients, smooth glide, glasslike finish on the skin!

  3. srios0618 (verified owner)

    The shape, the easy glide, the way it contours the face so perfectly all while getting the job done is what keeps me coming back to purchase this blade.

  4. gracebertou (verified owner)

    This is the absolute best dermaplaning blade I’ve ever used. It makes me even more confident when I’m doing a dermaplane. I highly recommend this blade to other estheticians!

  5. jenngcarmen (verified owner)

    Been end industry for over 20 years, these by far are the absolute best blades and the only blades that I use on clients for the most professional treatment possible. Their customer service and training is five star as well. Would recommend to any new aesthetician. Start off only using the best.

  6. Theresa Lundy (verified owner)

    Polymer coating makes all the difference!! These are the only blades I’ll use.

  7. pats.herrmann (verified owner)

    The 10D blade is the best ever…..impeccable smoothness gliding across the skin. Excellent job in hair $ dead skin removal. Perfect for the lips, curve of the chin and forehead. Thank you Dermaplane Pro for all your high quality items. Lip balm is the bomb 👄 Thank you, too, for the discounts offered via email.

  8. Michelle Moomey (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these blades. You can easily get around any curve of the face and works beautifully with the Nourishing Oil in any skin type!

  9. summerlandskincare (verified owner)

    The 10D Blade is the only blade I will use. I have been dermaplaning for 20 yrs and when I could no longer order from another vendor – I was ecstatic when I found DermaplanePro and the 10D blade!! Same quality and better value. Thank you!!

  10. raquellelynn.xtendstudio (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite blade to use! I’ve tried the others but nothing compares to the buttery glide this blade provides on my clients’ skin! I always stock because I don’t want to have to use another as a back up lol

  11. holly-3089 (verified owner)

    I’ve been preforming dermaplanning for 9 years and by far its my favorite blade to use. I have got through many blades to find this blade. By far this is the best blade that never dulls.

  12. lindsay_esthetician (verified owner)

    I have been an Esthetician for over 20 years now and these blades are by far the best blades I have ever used. Very smooth glide, like butter. Sturdy and easy to click on and off the handle. I am and will be a forever fan of the 10D.

  13. evaskincare57 (verified owner)

    I am in love with these blades! They work so well especially around the chin area. Highly recommend!!

  14. Beth Pestotnik (verified owner)

    We love these blades. They are the best for a professional dermaplane!

  15. Shannon Sabas (verified owner)

    Love the 10D blades. Nice smooth glide and the results are beautiful. Thank you Dermaplane Pro for the best blade!

  16. jamie (verified owner)

    I love this blade. It just glides so smoothly over the client’s skin and it doesn’t dull as you work! The gently curved edge is perfect for working around the nose. If you’ve not tried this blade, you really should!

  17. kateyfish (verified owner)

    The best blades I’ve tried!! Gentle yet affective! I only need one blade per client. I never have nicks or cuts. Glides smoothly across curves. I always have plenty in stock, not something you want to run out of!

  18. makaylastanley4 (verified owner)

    I’ll never use another blade after trying the 10D. This will be my third order of a 50pk for this specific blade. Even my most sensitive clients can handle a dry dermaplane with this blade, but it very versatile with the oil as well. Highly recommend trying it!!

  19. lex.lashes (verified owner)

    Love these blades! Plus dermaplane pro is great to order from . Quick shipping and products ?

  20. Ldskincare (verified owner)

    Dermaplane Pro’s 10D blade is the only blade I’ll ever use. Sharp, yet somewhat flexible, it easily glides over difficult contours. Stays sharp throughout service. Works in beautiful tandem with their Dermaplaning oil. A++++++

  21. Anhelina Chaika (verified owner)

    The blades are sharp and comfortable to use. I reordered them

  22. allisonlrhoades (verified owner)

    I will NEVER use another blade. The 10D is truly the perfect blade for dermaplaning!

  23. Jennifer Diaz

    This is my favorite blade. So easy to use and handle. It glides beautifully on the skin. I highly recommend it. It is my favorite.

  24. Jackie Deljanovan (verified owner)

    These are the best blades I’ve used!

  25. skinbykatherine (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these blades for 3 years now and I would never use anything different. They glide perfectly on the skin! I wouldn’t recommend anything else! Hands down the best!

  26. Samantha Motsinger (verified owner)

    These are by far my favorite. Glide across the skin so well and I never have to use more than one 💜

  27. Beauty Bar By Blanca (verified owner)

    This is my favorite blade. amazing results!!

  28. pamleasusi (verified owner)

    Dermaplane 10D Blades are the best I have found for dermaplaning they stay sharp throughout the facial, more gentle on my clients skin.

  29. Abby Kirby (verified owner)

    Great blade to work with for all clients!

  30. tracye1208 (verified owner)

    The best dermaplanig blades I ever used! They move over the skin so easily. I feel I can dermaplane faster with these blades.

  31. Jennifer Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these blades. They leave the skin feeling silky smooth and hairless. Easy to glide and very comfortable for my clients.

  32. jenifer_hutson (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several blades and this is by FAR the best blade on the market! Doesn’t dull and leaves the skin smooth !

  33. catfave (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the 10D blade. Perfect size and glide every time giving me consistent results every time!

  34. maryface1 (verified owner)

    I love these blades. The polymer coating is the key for great blade performance. I love the 10d over the 10r just due to the fact of easier glide and cut. Best blades around!
    Mary van scoy

  35. lknewtonwa (verified owner)

    This is by far my favorite blade to use. Rarely do I ever feel it gets dull before the end of a service. It has only happened a few times on people that had pretty coarse hair to begin with.

  36. JwSkincareStudio (verified owner)

    Dermaplaning is my most popular service, and these are the best quality blades! I use on dry skin or with oil depending on clients need.

  37. Amy Valbuena (verified owner)

    I love the 10D blades!!! They work better than anything that I have used!! I love all of the products from Dermaplane Pro as well!! Highly recommend!!

  38. jess (verified owner)

    Love these blades! They glide so smoothly on the skin and I hardly ever have to switch blades before the end of my service!

  39. martinem0428 (verified owner)

    This is the only blade I will use. Never dulls before the end of a service, especially if only vellus hair is being dermaplaned!

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