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    Classic #10R Dermaplaning “Butter Blade” w/Attached Handle


    12 per Box

    The #10R “Butter Blade” has been engineered specifically for dermaplaning. It is a blend of stainless and carbon steel with a polymer coating so will stay sharp and glide effortlessly on the skin. The rounded end is perfect for contouring the sides of the nose, around the mouth and tops of the brows.
    Individually packaged, this single use blade comes pre-attached to a plastic handle for the ultimate in convenience. No loading/unloading blades or sanitizing handles.

    Also available as an individual blade that fits our #3 Metal Handle 5 Blade Pack, 25 Blade Pack, & Box of 50.

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    Easy & convenient – Your blade is ready when you are.


    Keep a box of these handy for when you’re just too busy to worry about loading blades and cleaning handles.


    Additional information

    Weight 0.37 lbs
    Dimensions .3 × .3 × .3 in


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