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Classic #10R Dermaplaning “Butter Blade”


The #10R “Butter Blade” has been engineered specifically for dermaplaning. It is a blend of stainless and carbon steel with a polymer coating so will stay sharp and glide effortlessly on the skin. The rounded end is perfect for contouring the sides of the nose, around the mouth and tops of the brows.
Stays sharp so only 1 blade is needed per client, saving you time and money.
This is the blade that we include with our ProStart Kits and use exclusively for our Hands-On Training Classes.
Fits #3 Metal Handle (sold separately). Must be attached to and removed from the handle. Forceps or Blade Removal Boxes are best for removing used blades (sold separately).
Available in Box of 25, Box of 50, Box of 100 and with Attached Handle.

Not available to students or pending accounts

SKU: 475620
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Classic #10R Dermaplaning “Butter Blade” w/Attached Handle

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Blade removal box holds up to 100 used dermaplaning blade. Grey with DermaplanePro logo.

Additional information

Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1.25 in

41 reviews for Classic #10R Dermaplaning “Butter Blade”

  1. mercysolante (verified owner)

    Very good

  2. morriscr (verified owner)

    One of my favorites blades!

  3. lunarsamantha (verified owner)

    Not a fan.. In my opinion this feels like it’s scraping against my clients skin and doesn’t remove every single hair, which leads me to think it gets dull very fast. It almost feels like it might be “flimsy” compared to the #10D.

  4. cheriesteigerwald

    I love these. Not sure what issue is with the negative review. I tried the 10D and 10S and prefer these. They are safer for me at least to use than the 10D and they do a beautiful job with one for a whole treatment

  5. Sameera Ahmed (verified owner)

    Don’t like these. They’re not smooth and don’t leave a good finish to the skin. My clients look irritated after a treatment with these blades.

  6. skincarebyshan (verified owner)

    I have used many shapes, sizes and manufacturers …these blades are by far the best and one is just as sharp as the next! One face, one blade!

  7. Annabelle Herring

    These don’t get dull quickly, and they remove the fuzz and dead skin smoothly. I’ve tried other brands and they suck compared to these. No other blade is more satisfying than this one

  8. Evelyn Fahle (verified owner)

    The 10R is a favorite. It has a smoothness with the longer blade and round tip that makes the chin/neck, nose, eyes, & I even love dermaplaning the ears with these . If it’s held at a 45 it has plenty of sharpness .

    I was taught by a dermaplane pro trainer and educate clients that this is not a complete hair removal treatment ; this is a light exfoliating treatment to aide in product penetration and has a great benefit of peach fuzz removal.

  9. darla.green (verified owner)

    Love the DermaPlane Pro blades! There is a difference, spend a little more for better quality. Your client will see and feel the difference!

  10. Chryzhelle Cinco (verified owner)

    My absolute FAVORITE blade! This has made learning dermaplane so easy and effortless. I have yet to try other blades, but don’t feel the need to because this one has worked so well for me.

  11. info77 (verified owner)

    My aestheticians love these blades and we’ve tried many others. Have been ordering for year.

  12. luxeskintherapyandbeauty (verified owner)

    I always love ordering these blades, gets the job done, smooth and cost effective. The autoship is such a great option too!

  13. katie belcher (verified owner)

    This blade is the ONLY blade I’ll use for dermaplaning. Nothing compares to it. I get perfect results and I love love love it so much.

  14. sslucci (verified owner)

    Best blades

  15. stephanybedoya (verified owner)

    I have tried so many different brands and Dermaplane Pro has one of the best 10R blades out there. I have never had an issue with their products, the only thing I am not happy with is the crazy increase on the shipping.

  16. loveskin21 (verified owner)

    Love this blade! So easy to use, it’s almost effortless.

  17. jasmine_magdaleno (verified owner)

    Love the 10R, it’s my go to for all of my clients. I’ve had zero issues, the blade stays sharp and glides perfectly. No irritation on my clients skin.

  18. spahaven634 (verified owner)

    My favorite blades!

  19. nthielman (verified owner)

    Our estheticians favorite blades! Easy to handle. Ordering and shipping are a breeze!

  20. llohman (verified owner)

    Our advanced practice students love using these blades on our guest coming in fir this service!

  21. Nicole Leader (verified owner)

    I love these blades! They’re smooth, easy to use, and don’t become dull halfway through the service.

  22. Jrdan1 (verified owner)

    These are the only blades I use. I have tried others, but these are just so nice and fit the bill. I use wet and dry.

  23. mirnatawil1 (verified owner)

    These are great quality, and they remove the fuzz and dead skin very smoothly.No other blade can compare!

  24. Jrdan1 (verified owner)

    Perfect! Worth the money.

  25. Raechel Becker

    10TR is my favorite blade. Doesn’t dull & leaves the clients skin smooth, just like butter!!

  26. Alyssa Dimino (verified owner)

    I love using these for my clients! I never have an issue and they glide very easily on the skin.

  27. kathy1 (verified owner)

    Consistently sharp blades. Perfect for dermaplaning the entire face. I have purchased these blades for years and have been extremely happy with my results each time.

  28. Lindi Fox

    This blade is by far my favorite. I have tried everyone’s favorite the 10D but I believe it to be a bit small/short, seems useful around the mouth and chin only in my opinion. I don’t want to use more than one blade per client, so I prefer the 10R as I feel it gets the job done. Same style, just a tad longer. I love the butter blade! Where I attended school we used the knife point blades and they seemed so unnecessary. The 10R is sharp, safe, and gets the whole job done.

  29. Courtney Hickman (verified owner)

    Overall a good product but sometimes I do get a blade that gets dull more quickly. Hopefully quality control stays pretty stable. Their shipping is on point and they always have blades which is a plus.

  30. oliviaboll17 (verified owner)

    These are my absolute favorite blades to use for dermaplaning. I’ve tried others and also love the 10D but the shape of the 10R feels a little better to me. They stay sharp for the entire treatment and leave my clients with the most beautiful, glowy, smooth skin.

  31. Mrstacy59 (verified owner)

    After trying different brands, these are by far the best blades! Worth the price!!

  32. skinbykristincda (verified owner)

    The best blades. Worth the money. The ones on Amazon are not the same. These are Incredible

  33. Nicole Benthin

    These are the best blades we have used! Work great – smooth, really is like butter! Thank you DP!

  34. Samantha Margush (verified owner)

    This has been my favorite blade so far! Once I tried it, I haven’t used a different kind of blade on my clients. It truly is a butter blade!

  35. Jenica Stone-Roberts (verified owner)

    The Classic #10R Dermaplaning Blade is the only blade for me! I haven’t tried others but there’s no need to. I’m happy with it and I have returning clients with using it, so it’ll always be my go-to blade!

  36. maryface1 (verified owner)

    I love using the 10d blades. Such a smooth easy blade to perform dermaplaning on any skin type. Quality product w an affordable cost too! Love love dermaplane pro!
    Mary van scoy

  37. Nicolle Gentry (verified owner)

    So far best Butter Blade

  38. Cassandra Flores (verified owner)

    Love the 10R butter blade! This blade makes dermplaning so smooth and easy. I always repurchase this product.

  39. zirrthum (verified owner)

    The best Dermaplaning blades I have ever used. I have used lots of different blades during the course of my career and no other blade stays sharp enough for a full Dermaplaning treatment like Dermaplane Pro blades. Thank you for always having the best blades that I trust to use on my clients.

  40. kaynicoleesthetics (verified owner)

    These are my absolute favorite blades! I’ve tried other brands and none compared.

  41. Noet Shapiro

    These are my favorite blades, I prefer these over the 10R, I feel like I get greater control of the corners especially when going over the top of brows or around the lip line.

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