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#14 Dermaplaning Blades w/Attached Handle


Straight blade edge with butter knife tip (rounded) for easy contouring.
Similar shape as the #10S and #10R with a longer blade edge.
Individually packaged, sterile and disposable. Single use blade comes pre-attached to a plastic handle.
No loading/unloading blades or sterilizing handles.
Easy & convenient – Your blade is ready when you are.
One blade stays sharp for the full treatment, saving you time and money!
Keep a box of these handy for when you’re just too busy to worry about loading blades and cleaning handles.
One of our best sellers!
10 per Box
Please note that this blade comes in Stainless Steel (photo might be misleading since it depicts both stainless and carbon)

Not available to students or pending accounts

SKU: 1102
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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS – #14 Blade with Attached Disposable Handle


Please read carefully to ensure proper removal of the blade. 


  1. Grip the handle of the scalpel
  2. Pinch the plastic guard at the end and slide it off the scalpel
  3. Ensure that your hand is not directly over the path of the sharp edge of the blade.
  4. If the plastic guard is too tight, do not force the cap off. Slowly wiggle the guard side to side to loosen the cap. Once the cap is loose, it can be slowly removed. 
  5. Once the sheath is removed, do not attempt to re-sheath the scalpel. 
  6. Once finished with the scalpel, dispose of it in a puncture resistant container, according to hospital protocol and/or the applicable local standard setting organization guidelines. 


Additional information

Weight 0.375 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 2 in


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#10S Dermaplaning Blades

Not available to students or pending accounts

Made of Swedish Stainless Steel

Please note: This blade is the perfect shape and size for dermaplaning but may not remain sharp for a full treatment. You may need 2 blades to complete the service. For this reason, we do not accept returns on this item.

If you are looking for a blade that will stay sharp throughout the treatment please check out our #10R Butter Blades or #10D Dermaplaning Blades

One-time use – please dispose of used blades in an approved sharps container or by using our Blade Removal Box (metal blade handle and blade removal box both sold separately).


Not available to students or pending accounts

Classic #10R Dermaplaning “Butter Blade”

Not available to students or pending accounts

The #10R “Butter Blade” has been engineered specifically for dermaplaning. It is a blend of stainless and carbon steel with a polymer coating so will stay sharp and glide effortlessly on the skin. The rounded end is perfect for contouring the sides of the nose, around the mouth and tops of the brows.
Stays sharp so only 1 blade is needed per client, saving you time and money.
This is the blade that we include with our ProStart Kits and use exclusively for our Hands-On Training Classes.
Fits #3 Metal Handle (sold separately). Must be attached to and removed from the handle. Forceps or Blade Removal Boxes are best for removing used blades (sold separately).
Available in 5 Blade Pack, Box of 25, Box of 50, Box of 100 and with Attached Handle.

Not available to students or pending accounts
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