DermaplanePro is the leader in dermaplaning certification classes, tools, supplies, and support in the United States and around the world. Students who receive their Certification in Dermaplaning from DermaplanePro are further advanced in knowledge and technique as they complete a two-tiered course that focuses a full day on hands-on experience.

DermaplanePro was founded in Arizona by Rikki Kusy. Renowned for her training, Rikki believes learning is experiential as well as didactic. She created the course to be interesting, student involved, and provide a gradual learning approach for greater retention. 

We support all skin care lines and back bars while offering the finest surgical grade blades and medical grade products. As leaders in the field and always researching, DermaplanePro assures clients that they are receiving the highest-quality education, tools, skin care products, and supplies available.


DermaplanePro is the leading company in dermaplaning in the US and internationally. We are pioneers in bringing dermaplaning into new markets all over the world, continually improving our education, tools and treatment products – to provide the most effective learning experiences that lead to the highest level of safety and success for our clients. DermaplanePro offers the highest-quality medical grade products and blades available for the professional skin care industry.


Our multi-faceted educators bring a lot of value to the student experience during the Certification Course and beyond. All of our trainers are licensed estheticians and DermaplanePro Certified Trainers. Our Trainers each have their own skin care practice and in addition, many offer additional classes in other specialties such as lashes, micro-blading, micro-needling, chemical peels, private label skin care, and represent a professional skin care line.