We always anticipate the best for ourselves and our clients but the reality is things can happen in the treatment room and we need to be prepared.
It’s not as hard as you may think.  You may just need to make a few adjustments.
  1. Insurance – Make sure you have your own liability insurance.  It’s inexpensive and can save you and your business in a time of need.  Contact: www.ascpskincare.com for more information.  It’s only $259 per year and includes many other benefits besides the insurance.
  2. Medical History – It is absolutely necessary because it will alert you to client allergies or sensitivities. It also further establishes you as a professional. Review it with your client & fill in any items left blank. If you don’t review it with the client they’ll think you don’t read it.
  3. Informed Consent – This form is a must prior to dermaplaning, waxing, chemical peels, micro-needling, etc.  You are informing the client of the risks and benefits associated with the treatment.  It must be signed by you and the client prior to treatment.
  4. Treatment Notes – Take notes as you talk/consult with the client prior to treatment.  Let them see you writing things down and clarifying what they are telling you.  While they are relaxing with the mask on, you can finish you notes since you’ll know what finishing products you’ll be using and products you’ll be recommending.  Review past notes prior to each client’s visit.  It makes them feel special when you know what you did last time they were in and can further follow up with product purchases.
  5. Incidents – Although we never anticipate anything going wrong in the treatment room, incidents do happen.  On the back of the Treatment Record write down all of the details of the incident.  Show this to your manager/owner.  If the client calls to speak with them about the incident, they need to know what happened.
  6. Follow-up – Once the client walks out your door, your job is not done.  Within 24 hours follow-up using their preferred method of contact. This reconfirms that they are satisfied with their service, have no complications and gives them an opportunity to ask questions.  This is also important anytime a client purchases a new product. Following-up will answer questions and minimize returns.
We have 3 forms available for download.  We have updated the Medical History and Informed Consent forms and added Treatment Record.  This is a FREE download.  All forms are in PDF.
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