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Forms: Medical History, Consent, Treatment Record (DOWNLOAD)


The forms included in this free download include Medical History as it pertains to aesthetic treatments, Informed Consent for Dermaplaning & a Treatment Record that can be used with a variety of services.

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The Medical History & Informed Consent are essential prior to performing services on a client. The Treatment Record is for your use prior to, during, and for following up post-treatment.
    Have your clients complete the Medical History at their first visit and update it prior to each service. Review the information with your client and complete any items left blank. A new Informed Consent needs to be signed prior to every treatment since they are giving you consent for service that day. The Treatment Record is completed while the client is in the room with you. It is vital information for you and other staff members when communicating with the client. It also helps you plan what products you’ll recommend the client purchase and know what has been purchased so you can follow up and answer questions.
      This is a free download, however, you do need to go through the shopping cart checkout to receive the download.


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      Why Fearless Beauties?

      The claim that ‘everyone is beautiful’ is professed loudly and frequently by cosmetic brands, however, it should be validated by making services, treatments, and products available to all ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds. As Americans, we need to recognize and legitimize that minorities within our country may have different standards for beauty and different ways of honoring and respecting that beauty. By developing a more inclusive education, we elevate our entire industry. The Fearless Beauties textbook contains valuable information for all skin types.

      The Fearless Beauties Workbook contains fun activities, case studies, an answer key, and is a valuable study aid. The exercises in this workbook match the Fearless Beauties, First Edition textbook chapter by chapter. Use this workbook as a supplement to help reinforce your understanding of the material and to master key concepts.


      What’s New for Marketing Essentials4?

      Designed with the working esthetician in mind, we have created a well-rounded kit to help you educate and effectively market dermaplaning to your clients.
      ME4 is a modern digital download bundle that contains non-branded marketing templates in .jpeg and .pdf form.  The files are designed to allow for customization in your favorite file editing programs such as Canva, VistaPrint or Adobe.  Make them your own by adding your logo, pricing, messaging and more!

      Cuestionario para complementar el seminario web de Apoyo Técnico para Dermaplaning que se encuentra en la página de Educación.


      The Ageless Facial is our signature treatment and features our most popular products. Perfect for your clients looking for a gentle yet powerful anti-aging facial treatment combined with a luxury spa experience.

      The Ageless Facial is designed to be versatile so you can integrate some of your favorite backbar products to customize the experience for each individual client.

      Always a client favorite.


      Send this to your local printer to hang in your spa to promote your dermaplaning service!

      Purchase contains both a DermaplanePro branded print, or blank print so you can add your own spa information.

      This product is a digital download.


      This download includes protocols for incorporating Dermaplaning into 24 different treatments.


      Q & A Handout to complement the Dermaplaning Technical Support Webinar found on the Education page.

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