1.    Record a Professional Voicemail Message.
Your voicemail may be a prospective client’s first impression of you, so it’s important to make sure the message is professional.  If it’s not they may hang-up and call someone else.
  • Record in a quiet room with no background noise or music.
  • Write down what you want to say before recording so you can get it right on the first or second try.
  • Introduce yourself, speak clearly and thank the caller for calling.
  • Give the caller other options for reaching you, i.e., how they can book an appointment online, visit website for address and directions, alternative number to reach your front desk, etc.
  • Listen to your message before you save it.
2.    Frame your Training Certificates and display them in your treatment room.
You’ve spent time and money going through your licensing school and attending post-graduate training classes.  Take a tip from every doctors office and display the certificates you’ve received so your clients know the extent of your knowledge.  They do look at them while they’re in your treatment room.  It’s hard for a client to try to negotiate price when your wall is clearly portraying you as a professional.
  • Frames are available at all price points but Dollar Tree has them online (minimum of 4 per order) for $1 each.
  • Use the same style frame for each certificate so there’s continuity in size and design.  It’ll give the display a more professional look and make hanging them easier too.
  • Buy extra frames.  It’ll encourage you to seek out additional education so you can fill them.
3.    Take a walk through your client’s experience.
When was the last time you parked in front of your business, walked through the front door, sat in your waiting room, visited the client restroom and entered your room looking through the eyes of your client?  What you see may surprise you!
Imagine this is your first visit as a new client. Make note of any improvements that need to be made in the following areas:
  • Signage from the street
  • Parking lot
  • Front of the building (signs, plants, door, windows, etc.)
  • Reception area (neat, clean, well lit, friendly person at the front desk)
  • Waiting area (newer magazines, nice retail selection, neat, clean, comfortable)
  • Client restroom (clean, well stocked, smells nice)
  • Your treatment room (clean, organized, well stocked, not cluttered)
  • Treatment bed – lay down and look around so you see what your clients see (clean linens, comfortable, no stained ceiling tiles, no smudges or fingerprints on equipment)


Be honest with yourself about what needs some attention.  It may seem trivial but there can be a fine line between a client coming back or looking for services elsewhere.  Follow these three little steps to elevate your client’s impression of your professionalism and the rewards will far outweigh the time and money spent on a few improvements.

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