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Blade Chart


Not sure which blade to choose? Download this free blade chart to help you decide.

Not available to students or pending accounts

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2 reviews for Blade Chart

  1. Rita Brady


  2. Jenny.Gersack

    The most beautiful result!

    This blade gives you the smoothest complexion so far! I follow with the theraderm enzyme and the skin is perfection!

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Classic #10R Dermaplaning “Butter Blade”

Not available to students or pending accounts

The #10R “Butter Blade” has been engineered specifically for dermaplaning. It is a blend of stainless and carbon steel with a polymer coating so will stay sharp and glide effortlessly on the skin. The rounded end is perfect for contouring the sides of the nose, around the mouth and tops of the brows.
Stays sharp so only 1 blade is needed per client, saving you time and money.
This is the blade that we include with our ProStart Kits and use exclusively for our Hands-On Training Classes.
Fits #3 Metal Handle (sold separately). Must be attached to and removed from the handle. Forceps or Blade Removal Boxes are best for removing used blades (sold separately).
Available in 5 Blade Pack, Box of 25, Box of 50, Box of 100 and with Attached Handle.

Not available to students or pending accounts
Contains two demonstrations: Left and/or Right Handed. Each video is approximately 30-minutes long and includes a demonstration using Nourishe Dermaplaning Oil and NuPeel Natural Enzyme.
Please note: this is no longer a physical product. You will be prompted to download a file containing a link to the videos.

This download includes protocols for incorporating Dermaplaning into 24 different treatments.


Classroom Training is the ideal way to learn dermaplaning. Our Certified Trainers are esthetics professionals with their own practices in addition to their work with DermaplanePro. They provide the coaching that is necessary to assure student success. Plus, our signature steps-to-success progression will help you become comfortable and confident with dermaplaning basics in just a few hours. Working in partners, you will give and receive a complete dermaplaning facial during the class.

#10D Dermaplaning Blades

Not available to students or pending accounts
Working with dermaplaning blades since 2005 has given us a lot of experience with the vast number of surgical & dermaplaning blades on the market.
We’ve found that while there are some good blades being offered, each one had its limitations.
Meet the #10D Blade. The #10D features everything we wanted and our clients were asking for.
  • It is the ideal shape for safety, comfort, control and maneuverability.
  • Features dermaplaning specific custom honing for a smooth, stay sharp edge.
  • Provides product consistency, reliability & quality control.
  • It’s affordable since you only need one blade per client/treatment.
Custom designed specifically for DermaplanePro. The #10D blade is a modification of the #10S blade – a shape that we love, honed to our specifications for greater sharpness*, fabricated from stainless steel for durability & polymer coated to glide effortlessly on the skin.
Not available to students or pending accounts
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