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Fearless Beauties


Why Fearless Beauties?

The claim that ‘everyone is beautiful’ is professed loudly and frequently by cosmetic brands, however, it should be validated by making services, treatments, and products available to all ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds. As Americans, we need to recognize and legitimize that minorities within our country may have different standards for beauty and different ways of honoring and respecting that beauty. By developing a more inclusive education, we elevate our entire industry. The Fearless Beauties textbook contains valuable information for all skin types.

The Fearless Beauties Workbook contains fun activities, case studies, an answer key, and is a valuable study aid. The exercises in this workbook match the Fearless Beauties, First Edition textbook chapter by chapter. Use this workbook as a supplement to help reinforce your understanding of the material and to master key concepts.

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Fearless Beauties Book by Mary Nielsen (Author), Jason Thomas (Editor)
Paperback: 169 Pages
Publisher: Bowker (May 1, 2019)

Fearless Beauties Workbook
Paperback: 83 pages
Publisher: Bowker (May 1, 2019)

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Fearless Beauties Book, Fearless Beauties Workbook, Fearless Beauties Book and Workbook


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