At DermaplanePro our focus has been on the transition of dermaplaning from primarily medical offices into the spa sector. Medical office treatment rooms often lacked the spa feeling that we all loved, but now I think it’s essential that we take a closer look at their methodology for sanitizing and adopt those procedures as we reopen our treatment rooms.

The spread of the virus has been rampant in nursing homes due to their lack of sufficient filtering in their ventilation systems. For this reason, it’s imperative that you replace all filters with HEPA filters and replace them frequently (recommended every 1 to 2 weeks) throughout your spa*.

Taking our cue from the medical side of our industry, we recommend using CaviWipes (or Clorox wipes) to clean the room thoroughly between clients. This takes time, so it will be necessary to schedule 30 minutes between clients.

If possible, eliminate the use of sheets and blankets on treatment beds (now that both sheets and blankets need to be washed and heat dried between every client). Sanitize the treatment bed between clients with CaviWipes. Small blankets may be used for clients who get cold. For body treatments such as waxing, use paper on your treatment bed and a sheet to drape.

Also remove all cloth and upholstered furniture from your treatment room. Wood, metal, glass tables and (p)leather furniture can be wiped down.

As estheticians, we know the dangers of UV light on our skin. But guess who else doesn’t like UV lights? Yes! Covid-19. UV light kills the virus in the air and on surfaces. Amazon has UV lights with timers for about $40. Compact and easy to use, just set it on a counter or attach to a wall in your room*. After you sanitize, set the timer and use this time to take a quick self-care break and greet your next client. When you enter the room – it’s clean and ready. During your lunch break and at the end of the day set the timer for 1-hour. These small lights are designed for 10×10” rooms so for larges spaces you may need 2 lights.*

Wear your mask when greeting your client. If you are body waxing only, your client can also wear a mask. For facials, she cannot wear a mask, so you need to focus on protecting yourself even more. Make sure your mask fits well so you won’t have to adjust it during the treatment. If you’re wearing a homemade mask. Make sure it has a metal nose strip to hold it in place. This also helps keep glasses from fogging. Where do you find metal strips to sew into your mask? The kitchen! Bags of coffee have the perfect solution with the metal fold over bag holder that comes with each 1 lb. bag of coffee you buy.

Greet your client wearing your mask. Have your hair secured so it’s not falling forward during your service. Wash your hands while she’s getting comfortable and put on your gloves. Keep your gloves and mask on for the duration of the treatment. Covid-19 can enter through the eyes so if you don’t wear glasses, you may want to wear safety glasses or a face shield.

Reassure her how you are cleaning between clients and that there is additional timing between appointments to assure a safe environment for each person.

So now that we have covered everything Covid-19 let’s move on. This time with you is what your client has been longing for for months. Begin by placing a few drops of lavender essential oil on her hand and having her rub them together to activate the fragrance and take 3 deep slow breaths together. Breathing out slowing. You will both benefit from this!  Listening, reassuring, keeping the conversation hopeful and positive it so important. You are her refuge from fear, uncertainty, stress, and anxiety. Spend a few extra minutes massaging her face, neck and shoulders (feels good even through clothes). Send her home with some essential oil to practice this breathing technique anytime she feels stressed. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth like you’re exhaling through a straw.

Welcome back to your treatment room. Things are different. It’s ok.

*When using equipment, please follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

DermaplanePro Trainer, Claudia in McAllen TX at Mosh Beauty Studio via Instagram.

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  1. Susan Hopper
    4 years ago

    Hi looking to add dermaplaning to our new medical esthetics office. We started a few months before COVID 19 as injectables only but want to add facials, dermaplaning and retail into our practice. Would love to learn more.

    • Candace Jordan
      4 years ago

      Hi Susan, thank you for your interest in our products. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team via phone (775) 507 – 4466 or email info@dermaplanepro.com

  2. Johnna Young
    4 years ago

    The article about returning to work after Covid 19 Quarantine was very informative.
    Would like to know which UV light was referenced as available on Amazon for approx. 40.00
    I’m guessing it’s a stand up unit?
    Thanks so much!

  3. Isabel Keegan
    4 years ago

    Excellent tips! I will put all of them in practice. This article gave me such encouragement to go back to work with no fear.

    Thank you.

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