Ergonomics, Angles & Calming the Client

True or False?
You need to be a contortionist to dermaplane.

Question: “I feel like I’m twisting my body trying to find the right angle.”
Solution: This is a common concern, especially in hard to reach areas or places where the blade doesn’t fit as easily. Line up your starting point (i.e., the earlobe) and your end point (i.e., the chin). Draw a line that extends past the end point and align the center of your body to that point. In this example, the center of your body will be near the client’s elbow. Now when you dermaplane, you won’t be twisting.

Question: “The hair isn’t coming off. Is the blade dull?”
Solution: DermaplanePro blades stay sharp so only one is needed per treatment. Check your angle – 45 degrees is the perfect angle for dermaplaning. Anything less or more and you won’t get the best results. Also, check your tension – the skin should be taut without being ‘stretched’. On the cheeks you may need to dermaplane in more than one direction to remove the hair. See our previous Tips on Technique – Part 1 for more help with this.

Question: “How do I get my client to hold still? I get nervous when she talks that I’m going to nick her.”
Solution: Start dermaplaning on the forehead to allow her the freedom to talk during the beginning of the service. This is the best time to explain the benefits of dermaplaning and get her feedback on bracing, pressure, etc. As you move down the face, it’s okay to remind her that you need her help. Saying, “I need you to hold really still for me for just a few minutes so we stay safe.” Assure her that all she needs to do is focus on relaxing and remaining still and you’ll do the rest – sometimes clients try to “help”. You can ask her to bite her lips when working around the mouth, puff air into her cheek while dermaplaning over the cheek, or place her tongue between her lip and lower teeth while dermaplaning lower lip to chin. This will give her something to do and prevent her from talking or making sudden movements.

Question: “I’m so fatigued at the end of the day. Is this normal?”
Solution: It is normal to feel fatigue at the end of the day, especially if you haven’t focused on ergonomics. Your body positions throughout the day can either lead to fatigue, soreness and tension or leave you feeling energized and comfortable. Be aware that twisting, leaning, shrugging your shoulders, hanging your head downward and scrunching your body are all positions that are detrimental to your health. If you need help with proper ergonomics, please call our office so we may assist you. Client positioning, as well as how you position yourself throughout the treatment is essential to maintaining good health.

Sit up straight. Turn the client’s head as needed so you don’t have to lean or twist. Cover her eyes with sunnies (tanning goggles available at Sally Beauty) and turn up the lights so you can see better (this helps more than you realize). Lower the bed if you’re lifting your shoulders or have neck pain. Raise the bed if you’re feeling pain in your upper back and also neck.

Remember to breathe! Deep, slow, long deep breaths will restore your energy.

Send us your questions and we’ll include them in an upcoming “Tips on Technique”.

Happy Dermaplaning!

Rikki Kusy, Founder & CEO
DermaplanePro, Inc.
Tel: 775-507-4466
April 14, 2016 (edited)

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  1. Kama Maccioli
    3 years ago

    I love this blog. I am dual licensed in massage therapy and esthetics. I can tell you as a massage therapist that body mechanics and ergonomics are crucial to getting through a busy day and keeping the body functional for work.

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