“Do I need a variety of blades for different skin types or areas of the face?”

No. You need one really good blade and a good handle and it’ll work for all skin types and all areas of the face.

We’ve seen estheticians use one blade for dermaplaning then additional blades for contouring. There are mini-blades and all variations of multiple blade shapes and sizes used on a single client.

Great if you’re the company selling all of these blades, I guess. But if you’re the practitioner – that’s a lot of wasted money and time.

Basically, there is no substitute for excellent hands-on training using the best tools and supplies available. Everything else is just a waste of money and causes confusion.

Keep it simple.

We recommend the #10D or 10R blade. Both are stainless steel surgical blades but they’re designed specifically for dermaplaning in thickness, shape and honing so they stay sharp while still remaining a little flexible. They have a polymer coating for easy and smooth glide on the skin, and feature a rounded tip so you can easily contour above the brows, under the eyes, sides of the nose including the nostril crease and around the mouth. They are available in varying quantities so you can try them out with a small box or save with larger quantities. The #10R is also available with a fused plastic handle so fits tight, use it once and dispose in sharps container.

A good #3 surgical handle is very important. It needs to fit comfortable in your hand but mostly the blade needs to lock onto the handle securely without any wiggle. If it wiggles on the handle you risk nicks and cuts. There are cheap handles on the market (we’ve bought them too) but they’re not safe because the blade fits too loose. The blades that come attached to a plastic handle are fused on so fit tight.

Other blades that have been used for dermaplaning are #14 stainless steel or carbon steel. They work but have a corner on them that can scratch the skin if you don’t modify them prior to use. This is a surgical blade so is designed for cutting – not dermaplaning. Not good for contouring. No polymer coating. These blades also come with a plastic handle already attached. Use once and dispose of blade and handle. See scratches on skin from dermaplaning posted on social? That’s the #14 blade and an inexperienced practitioner.

The #10 surgical blade. The blade edge is curved and the tip comes to a point. It’s very popular with aesthetician’s and nurses who’ve been dermaplaning for a long time – since nothing else was available when they were trained. It’s very sharp! It also causes the most injuries since it’s made for cutting not gliding and the shape is less than ideal.

Our Blade Sample Pack includes one of each of all the blades we carry so you can decide which blade is right for you and your clients. Includes 9 blades ($15).

Contact us with questions or to place an order (we sell to licensed professionals only) 775-507-4466.

Happy Dermaplaning!
Rikki Kusy, CEO


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