Three baby bears walking in a meadow.

What do Goldilocks and the 3 Bears have in common with dermaplaning?

When it comes to dermaplaning, we live in the land of Goldilocks. She taught us as kids the difference between too hot, too cold and just right when she was eating the porridge. Too hard, too soft and just right when she was trying out the beds, etc. (We won’t go into the fact that she was never arrested for breaking and entering.)
Same idea with dermaplaning. Let’s look at pressure: too much pressure results in inflammation and with too little you won’t get the exfoliation you’re looking for. Finding medium is key and even that varies from client to client based on skin condition and sensitivity.
Speed: too fast and we cause irritation and inflammation; too slow and we risk the blade stopping in place (which causes injury), the service gets tedious for practitioner and client and our 30 or 55 minute service takes twice the time.
Angle of the blade is held at exactly 1/2 way between 0 and 90 degrees for the ideal 45 degrees to the skins’ surface. Blade angle to low or too high and you increase the risk of injury and reduce efficacy.
Bracing – not enough and the skin moves under the blade increasing risk of injury.  Too tight and you’re causing discomfort and possible injury to skin.
Just an added note here on passes: Did you know that using only 2-3 passes when dermaplaning is technically a shave?
For exfoliation you need 6-10 passes. 6 passes for reactive/sensitive skin, 8 passes for normal skin and 10 passes for resilient skin with 3-4 passes under the eyes since that skin is more sensitive.
With a little practice on your thigh you can improve your technique.

Happy Dermaplaning.
Rikki Kusy
Founder & CEO
DermaplanePro, Inc.

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