A woman is looking up and to her right as she rubs cream onto her jaw.

Every season is dermaplaning season!

Summer and Dermaplaning go together like ???

Summer marks the official end of peel season!

But did you know that you can dermaplane all Summer?

Yes you can! But know this first…

  • Dermaplaning will remove a spray tan (so be sure she’s done with that week old spray)
  • Dermaplaning is also a great prep for a spray tan. Wait about 24-hours after dermaplaning to minimize any sensitivity or reaction to the tanning solution, plus she’ll get a more an even and longer lasting tan
  • Summer glow can quickly be revealed with dermaplaning, an enzyme, a hydrating mask and SPF.
  • Wait 24-hours after dermaplaning for fun in the sun and then be sure to apply SPF and reapply every 2-3 hours.
  • Wait to dermaplane skin that’s sunburned, windburned, or otherwise compromised. Skin may need a week or two to heal before it’s ready to be dermaplaned.
  • Skin is more sensitive to sun and windburn after dermaplaning; so SPF, a wide brim hat and shade are all good post treatment.

Did you know that light catches the facial hair and uneven skin texture? Dermaplaning is the solution to reveal that perfect fresh and all new (since we haven’t see it in a while) lower face glow.

Happy Dermaplaning
Rikki Kusy
Founder & CEO
DermaplanePro, Inc.



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