Be honest…
Is it peel season – or – dread getting a peel season?
“I know I need a peel but…”
Why your clients are putting off getting a chemical peel:
 1. Discomfort – during and after the service
 2. Downtime – number of days needed to recover, including social downtime which means no zoom or socializing
 3. Peeling for days  – and not knowing when it will stop
 4. Feeling unattractive to spouse, partner, kids – especially little ones who may be scared by redness and peeling skin
 5. Unpredictable results – the before and after pictures looked good but you don’t notice any change after going through all that which is frustrating and costly
 6. They’re expensive – Going through all the above and spending $150-350 or more
Happy Peel
Why your client’s aren’t putting off getting a Happy Peel:
1. Discomfort – No discomfort just a slight tingly sensation
2. Downtime – No downtime so lunch and zoom yourself into your social life
3. Peeling for days – Flaking so light you won’t even notice. It’s working – just at the microscopic level
4. Feeling unattractive – How about a healthy glow instead. We promise you won’t scare anyone with peel face
5. Unpredictable results – Gentle is predictable and you’ll see changes – that’s why we love it
6. Expense – Happy Peel is affordable and an easy stand alone treatment or can be added to dermaplaning (which is what it was designed for)

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