We’ve heard it time and time again. You decided to order blades on Amazon because you found a cheaper option, needed them ASAP or someone in a Facebook group left a link to blades they are using. The order arrives and you’re excited to try the new blades on your client.

You start dermaplaning and notice that the blades aren’t gliding well. They seem dull, flimsy and you are having to use 2-3 blades per service. Your client tells you that their skin feels red, irritated and bumpy after the service. What changed?

The quality of the blades that you are using. 

It has come to our attention that counterfeit #10R blades are being sold on Amazon (not DermaplanePro blades, but various versions of #10R blades).  These blades are being produced to appear similar to #10R blades, but are made of questionable material and inconsistent quality. Counterfeit blades may also contain a variable amount of nickel which can cause post-treatment complications or clients may have an allergy to (DermaplanePro 10D Blades do not contain any nickel). 

How do you know if you might have a counterfeit blade?

  • The blade quality seems off or your results are inconsistent.
  • Inside the box, the blades aren’t in the sanitized/sterile foil wrap. 
  • If the seller of your 10R blades has been removed by Amazon, you may have purchased a counterfeit batch in the past. We have been made aware that a large amount of sellers have been removed from the site.



  • SAFETY Dermaplaning is an extremely safe treatment when the correct technique and proper tools and products are used. Blades that are not authentic are manufactured with substandard materials and in an unclean environment. The packaging is not clean so blades require sanitizing prior to use. They do not go through rigorous quality control to check for proper honing and smooth, even edges. Using counterfeit blades can result in client reactions, infections, nicks/cuts, and dangerous outcomes.
  • PREDICTABILITY As a licensed professional, your clients look to you for quality treatments and dependable results. Choosing a cheaper option may sound like a good idea, but the reality is that when it comes to dermaplaning blades you get what you pay for. Using blades that come from a reliable source that oversees quality and dependability is crucial for best outcomes.
  • YOUR REPUTATION With the power of social media and the internet, any negative treatment outcome could become problematic for your business and your reputation. We know that it is imperative to have access to the highest quality dermaplane blades and treatment products so that you can provide the safest and best treatments possible.



At DermaplanePro, the quality and consistency of our blades are of the utmost importance. As the creators of our award-winning #10D Blades, we are able to have a high-level of involvement in our blade manufacturing process. 

Our corporate trainers batch test every new shipment of blades. We use a random selection of blades in our treatments before approving each batch for sale. This ensures that you are receiving blades that are consistent with our high-level of standards. 

Our #10D Blades are made in the USA and adhere to all of our manufacturing standards.


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Call: 775-507-4466

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