The Perfect Face Cloths for Dermaplaning

I created these cloths so we would have something nice to use during our demos at trade shows. Facial towels were too big and disposables created a lot of waste, required hot water, and rewashing bowls after each demo. I wanted a towel we could load a days supply into the towel cabby in the morning and have enough to last until closing. That’s 12-14 demos a day and 2 towels per demo so 28 towels per day for 3 days. That’s 84 towels per show! Each day, we had to take the towels back to our hotel room, give them a quick wash and hang them to dry. We would bring all 84 towels home (on the plane) and wash them thoroughly in hot water with a little bleach and then a hot dryer. So lightweight (even while wet), easy to wash, quick drying, and taking minimal space were top priorities.

During the demos we would be talking about dermaplaning, but as soon as we placed that first towel on the the face, the questions were all about the towels. Same thing happens every time we do a demo session on social media. It’s always about the towels. We bring the focus back to dermaplaning, but with so much interest in the towels, I knew I had to find a way to bring these to you affordably.

So now, after experimenting with different sizes and fabrics, we have the perfect facial towel! The finished size is 9 1/2” x 10” (after washing and drying – they will shrink a little and we have planned for that).  They are soft but have enough texture to remove cleansers, enzymes, and masks. They take up very little space in your treatment room, towel cabby, and washing machine, so are more economical than full-size facial towels that are wrapped around the face.

Easy-to-use Facial Cloths

Moisten with water and keep warm in towel cabby until needed. Remove from cabby, open towel, and test temperature before laying on client’s skin. Lay the widest part over the forehead and the wings down the cheeks to cross over the chin. They will go over the eyes and around the nose. Press to steam, soften, and loosen product on the skin for easier removal. Starting with the wings, gently sweep upwards on the face, lifting product as you go, finishing with the forehead.

Notes: Some products do cause staining due to the nature of the ingredients. The cloths will come clean but not all staining may be removable.

For clients with lash extensions: Place dry, lint free cotton rounds over the eyes before applying facial cloth. This will keep the lashes dry and sustain the integrity of the adhesive.

We’re offering these in packs of 6 for $18, so you can try them on yourself and a few clients. Then come back for more to replace your disposables and worn out facial towels.  Click here to shop Baby Face Facial Towels.

Be sure to let us know what you think! Post a video of yourself using the cloths and be sure to tag us on social.

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