Two New Products: #10 w/Attached Handle & Dermaplaning Blade Sample Pack

New! #10 Blade with Attached Plastic Handle.
Announcing the launch of the #10 blade with an attached plastic handle.  The handle is fused onto the blade so there is no loading or unloading.  Just open the sterile packaging and the blade is ready for use.  After the treatment, dispose of blade and handle in your sharps container.  One time use.  Stays sharp, so only one blade is needed per client.  The ultimate in convenience.
Order yours today at or Box of 12 $39.95.
This is the shape of the #10 surgical blade used for dermaplaning that we are now offering with the attached plastic handle.  
The #14 blade with handle is also available and the #10R Butter Blade with handle will be available the week after Thanksgiving.  
New!  Dermaplaning Blade Sample Kit.
We started with just one blade.  Now we have 7 different blades to choose from and one more on the way for a total of 8.  
The NEW Sample Kit contains one of each blade that we carry.  Try them all and see which one you like best to make ordering your perfect blade easy.  
Contains one each: #10 Stainless Steel, #10 Stainless Steel w/attached handle, #14 Stainless Steel, #14 Carbon Steel, #14 Stainless Steel w/attached plastic handle, #10S, #10R Stainless & Carbon Steel with Polymer Coating “Butter Blade”.

Order yours today at or $15
For Questions, please call Rikki 602-380-8525 or Julie 602-314-0366.