Tips on Technique: Part 12 – Combining Dermaplaning with Chemical Peels
A question I am often asked is, “Can I combine dermaplaning with chemical peels?”
The answer is yes and no.
Dermaplaning prior to a performing a peel (chemical exfoliation) is a great way to prep the skin for a deeper and more even peel.
If the client is new to your office or spa it’s best to proceed with caution. Get to know her skin and how she reacts to each treatment separately before you combine them.
A 60-minute dermaplaning facial is a great first treatment, since that alone will keep most clients coming back every 4 weeks. This will allow you to test her sensitivity to dermaplaning and the products you are using on your backbar. Schedule her next appointment for a chemical peel 2-4 weeks later.
Followup with your client after each treatment to check for sensitivities, post procedure breakouts, amount of peeling, redness, treatment satisfaction, etc.
Once you have established a baseline for each treatment, they may be combined. You’ll find that following dermaplaning, the peel solution will reach clinical end points sooner. Client sensitivity to peel solution will increase, so you’ll need less time on tissue. Be prepared to neutralize sooner. For layered peels, you’ll need fewer layers. Due to increased penetration, your client may experience more peeling than with prior peels of the same strength. Be sure to use the 1-10 heat scale during the peel application process with a maximum heat level of 6.
Again, proper followup it vital. Call her the next day to answer questions and assure her that you are available if she needs anything. You want to share in your client’s experience as it’s happening.
Your more sensitive clients will benefit from doing a chemical peel every other month rather than combining them. Alternate peel and dermaplane facials that include enzymes and masks and your client will experience more enjoyable treatments and cumulative anti-aging results that she will love.
The combination of dermaplaning and chemical peels is a great treatment but it’s not for every client. Get to know your client skin and expectations before proceeding. Remember, a happy client is a loyal client who refers friends, family and coworkers.
Stay tuned for our next Blog Post: Tips on Technique #13 – The Best Chemical Peels to Combine with Dermaplaning.
Thanks for reading and happy dermaplaning,
Rikki Kusy, CEO
DermaplanePro, Inc.

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  1. Diane
    2 years ago

    Do dermaplaneglow removes hair under your chin and over your lip? Please ASAP!

    • Morgan Picoy
      2 years ago

      Hello Diane,

      We are DermaplanePro, not DermaplaneGlo. Dermaplaning removes the vellous hair on your lip and chin. I do not know if DermaplaneGlo does this.

      Thank you

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