How Fast Should I Move the Blade while Dermaplaning?
This isn’t Nascar…
We have limited time for our services but no one likes to feel rushed.  There are many ways to use time more efficiently to maximize your client’s experience but dermaplaning at lightening speed shouldn’t be one of them.
“I have limited time with my client. I need to keep it moving right?”
True. Slower isn’t necessarily better. Remember Goldilocks? She taught us the importance of finding middle ground (or she was just really high maintenance).
Anyway, dermaplaning too slow is annoying and the client will question your ability.  Too fast and the blade will cause friction on the skin which results in heat and consequently inflammation (there’s that PIH risk again). It’s also emotionally agitating to the client, making it difficult for her to relax.
“So how do I know if I’m moving too fast?”
Science class!
On your thigh start dermaplaning very  s l o w l y.  Gradually increase the speed until you find a medium paced, steady rhythm. Then increase your speed until it’s too fast and you feel and see irritation.  Slow it down again until you find a steady rhythm and can count to 8 out loud in a normal voice.
Feel and see the difference?
Let us know your thoughts on this.  We like your comments and suggestions.
Happy Dermaplaning.


Rikki Kusy, CEO

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