“How Many Passes Do You Make?”
When you’re dermaplaning your clients, how many times do you pass the blade over the same space?
  1. 2
  2. Once the hair is gone, I move to the next area
  3. I feather the blade over a larger area until the hair is gone
  4. 6-8 depending upon skin thickness, sensitivity and what I see coming off after the hair is removed.
Gliding your blade back and forth over the same section 2-3 times will remove most of the vellous hair.
If you want to provide your client with exfoliation of the top layers of the stratum corneum you’ll need 6-8 passes.  Six for thinner, more sensitive skin; seven – eight for normal skin; and nine – ten for thick, resilient skin and helping minimize buildup of scar tissue from acne lesions.
Sensitive areas such as the outer corners and under eye area are limited to 3 passes.
“Won’t that many passes irritate the skin?”
Let’s find out.
“Science class again?”
On your thigh dermaplane a section 2-3 passes and see what comes off (mostly vellous hair and some skin cells). Now go back to the same section and dermaplane 5-6 more passes.  Now you’re seeing the exfoliated skin cells.  If the skin is feeling irritated, you’re probably using to much pressure.
Yes, we’ll get to the in November.
Happy Dermaplaning!


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