“Are You Feeling Some Tension or is Your Bridge Collapsing?”
Tension can be a good thing.  Especially when bracing the skin for dermaplaning.
Much like the picture of the car on the bridge.  Compression is the downward pressure applied to the skin, the Load is the blade, Tension is keeping the skin taut between two points – your thumb and index finger.
Not enough tension can lead to nicks and skitter marks on the client’s skin.
“How do I know if I have enough tension on the skin?”
The skin doesn’t move with the blade.  The blade glides over the skin, easily removing vellous hair and skin cells with each pass.
“If I push down more will that help?”
No.  It’ll make it harder.
“Is it time for science class again?”
Working within 1/2” – 1 1/2” space between your thumb and index finger, draw your fingers apart, pressing down just enough to keep your fingers from sliding (gloves make this easier as they provide more grip).
Now dermaplane between your fingers as you adjust for more or less tension based on how your skin feels and the results you’re seeing.
Too much tension can be uncomfortable, so be careful not to apply to much.
Happy Dermaplaning!
Rikki Kusy, CEO
DermaplanePro, Inc.
Tel: 602-380-8525

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