Dermaplaning FAQ

Who can perform dermaplaning?

A licensed aesthetician who has been professionally trained can perform the treatment.  Since state laws vary - please check with your state board and professional liability insurance company before performing any new treatments.

How do I get started dermaplaning?

The best way to get started is to take a class.  You want hands-on experience and you just can't get that from watching a DVD.  We have classroom and online training. The online training allows you to get competent and confident quickly - it's on your schedule and at your pace.  Click HERE for more information.

What tools and materials will I receive or need to buy?

Your training includes all of your materials.  You'll receive our Training Manual which contains: Step-by-Step Instructions, Medical Intake & Consent Forms, Do's and Don'ts, Treatment Protocols, Treatment Pricing, Marketing Plan, etc.  You'll get the Demonstration DVD so you can watch the procedure performed left handed and right handed.  Plus, you get our NEWLY Upgraded ProStart Kit which includes:  Metal Blade Handle, Forceps, Sharps Container, 3 Blades w/attached handle, 12 Individual Blades, plus additional Blades for Training and Practice, 1oz.  Skin Prep Solution and now we've added a sample of the NuPeel Natural Enzyme. Once you complete your training you will receive your Certificate.

Once you complete your training,  you'll have enough supplies for 15 paid treatments.

How many blades will I use for each treatment?
You will need only one blade per treatment.  If you find you're using multiple blades to complete a single treatment then you are probably using an inferior blade.  Call us for a free sample blade and compare for yourself.

What are the upfront costs to get started?

The Hands-On Training  includes the ProStart Kit and is $350 per person.  

If you have a spa, or work at one, and want to train the staff all at once, we have a Spa Training price of $700 and it includes 2 ProStart Kits + Training Manuals and Certificates for each person (limit 6 participants).  

How much money can I make dermaplaning?

That depends on your market so there is no one-price-fits-all answer.  Think of it this way:  Clients love the treatment so your rebooking rate will increase since they'll need dermaplaning monthly.  Also, your cost per treatment is low. The ProStart Kit has enough blades for 15 treatments.  At $85 per treatment that's $1,530.  Your investment is only $350. When you reorder blades they are only $1 each and sold in packages of 25 making this a very affordable treatment.

What is the technique?

This technique is safely performed by using a specialized sterile surgical instrument.  Once the skin is properly prepped, the technician holds the skin taut and gently scrapes the skin with the blade held at a 45 degree angle. This removes both the vellous hair and the top layer of dead skin cells.

Is it safe?

It is extremely safe when performed by a professionally trained aesthetician utilizing DermaplanePro tools.

Once the vellous hair is removed will it grow back thicker?

No, this is physiologically impossible.  The soft, fine vellous hair will grow back slowly - usually in about 4 weeks. 

(There are two types of hair that grow on our bodies:  Vellous hair is the thin, fine, soft hair that typically covers the entire body. Terminal hair is the course hair that grows on the head, face in men, underarms, legs and pubic areas.)

Dermaplaning, waxing, tweezing or any other depilatory form of hair removal cannot alter the type of hair grown in any given area.   

Can dermaplaning cause the skin to bleed?

Yes, excessive scraping, nicks and cuts can cause bleeding. That is why it is very important to have professional training using the correct tool and have hands-on practice before performing this treatment on clients.

What areas can be treated?

Dermaplaning is performed on the face only. You should not dermaplane the eyelids or chest. Sometimes, technicians who are still learning practice on arms and legs as the skin is tougher in these areas. 

How often can this procedure be performed?

Dermaplaning can be performed every 3 to 4 weeks.  Treating the skin in this manner actually removes about 2 to 3 weeks worth of dead skin cells. The technician should allow the skin to complete its normal skin cycle of approximately 30 days before repeating the treatment. 

Can dermaplaning be performed with a chemical peel?

Yes.  Dermaplaning is an excellent way to prep the skin for a chemical peel.

Does the skin actually peel from dermaplaning?

No.  When dermaplaning is performed as a prep for a chemical peel the visible exfoliation that the client sees will be as a result of the peel used in the treatment.

Who can be treated?

All skin types can benefit from dermaplaning.  Typically clients over 35 are the best candidates and will return for regular treatments.  It is highly addictive! Men can be dermaplaned on non-beard areas only.  

Who cannot be treated?

Clients with active acne outbreaks or cold sores should not be treated until lesions are healed.  Dermaplaning is great for diminishing acne scars but should not be performed during active outbreaks.  Clients with bleeding disorders or difficulty clotting should not be treated. Clients with diabetes not under control by diet or medication should not be treated.  Clients undergoing cancer treatment should also not be treated.

Is there any downtime after Dermaplaning?

No, that's one of the benefits.  The skin instantly has a healthier glow and feels amazingly soft, plus makeup glides on effortlessly for a flawless finish.  This is a must have procedure before an important event.

How can I get more information?

Send your questions to us at or call (602) 380-8525.

I'm not an aesthetician but I want to find someone I can go to for dermaplaning.  How do I find someone qualified?
Click here to be taken to our Find A Provider Now page.  Scroll down to your state and hopefully we have someone close to you.  We're always adding new Providers so if you don't see someone today - be sure to check back.

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